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A Season In Time…



I am not much for writing newsletters or sending out messages unless there is something substantial happening at Emma’s Friends. This, perhaps, will be the most substantial happening since December 2007, when we filed for incorporation and set out to create this organization which we have come to love… and have loved to share.


I couldn’t imagine this day would come; the day where I tell you that the season of Emma’s Friends is ending. We have had such a remarkable time creating Emma’s Friends and our community in addition to our goods, but the time has come for me to lay it down and focus even more fully on Emma. I have prayed and prayed on this decision, asking my close group of prayer warriors to stand with me in prayer as I ask for God’s direction, for Him to show me His will for our lives, laying Emma’s Friends on the altar for a year, seeking His hand.


Stubbornness and pride can be an awful thing, you know. I felt I was failing if I were to stop all the “doing” at Emma’s Friends. Then, came repeated messages to stop. Roadblocks in our lives which made it difficult to continue, yet I pressed on. Stressing our family, stressing the very person who inspired its creation. Finally, in a quick conversation with one of my prayer warrior friends, I said, I have been asking for God’s direction, but still haven’t received it. Her response came quickly and completely stopped me in my tracks, “I think you know what His will is already.” And, with that, after the sheer shock of that message, I realized I had. It was time. But, it also took time. Time to close the store, to wind down our commitments, time to adjust to the idea that there would no longer be an Emma’s Friends.


And, so, we have arrived at that time. Where I have finally, truly, laid Emma’s Friends at the altar, laid down my pride and as often happens when we follow His will, received in exchange such peace. Since this decision has been made, we have had more joy in our family, less stress, more time to share with each other and to help Emma become her best self. I am sure there will be moments when I feel an ache to lift it back up again, but I know that His ways are best, that His plans are better than I could even imagine and that all He asks of us is to plant seeds, not to tend the garden and water it daily.


So, I close out this season of life knowing well that I have planted seeds, and poured my love over them. And, I will love to watch as they grow; others will water them — our incredible customers, whom we also know as our cheerleaders and ambassadors, and all the wonderful people who have helped our little business to grow and share our message. We are eternally grateful to you, near and far. From Maine, to Florida; Texas to Washington state, we are so very grateful. Thank you for coming alongside us, for championing our mission and celebrating Emma and our Friends. Know you have made a difference and  the love you have poured over us, has been like a balm to our hearts.


And it is with those very full hearts, we thank you for the most incredible eight years.


Forever grateful,

 Emma’s Mom
So what happens next?  We have stock, and we will continue to sell it until it is gone, or until December 10th, whichever comes first.  Then we will begin making our equipment and supplies available for sale.  (Scroll all the way back to the top of this box and click on the X in the upper right corner to see our regular website and access our product offerings ... click on the box below to not see this message again.)
We've been asked what if... what if someone else would like to continue the mission of Emma's Friends?  Our hearts would sing for joy!  If you are so moved to acquire Emma's Friends, please contact Lynn.  We would love to discuss that option which would include our domain, lists, formulas, equipment, etc.  (contact Lynn).